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VidCam MediaTeam 400A special group of Boys Staters will be selected as the Boys State Media Team. Led by experienced counselors, this group of citizens will be responsible for communications for citizens in attendance and external audiences including parents, peers, and the general public. The Media Team will publish a daily video highlighting Boys State activities that will be shared via YouTube, Facebook, the Boys State web-site, and potential state wide media outlets.

Applicants to the Media Team must meet the same rigorous standards that is required of the remainder of Boys State and as Boys Staters have the same responsibilities and expectations as awarded at the end of the session.

Media Team members will write stories, shoot and edit video, work as photographers, and gain valuable experience in meeting daily deadlines and working with a variety of guest speakers, public officials, and a variety of audiences.

Media Team application deadline is March 3, 2017. Members who are not selected are eligible to qualify for regular status in Boys State.

Revised application for the Boys State Media Team are included with this notification. Selection will be made by March 10, 2017 and the student and school will be notified immediately allowing for application to the larger program.

Applications should be submitted to Rick MacDonald, Boys State Registrar via the online application found below. If you have any questions regarding the Media Team role at Boys State please call Gary Sheeley at 515 953-9959.


Media Team Online Application

Applicants Name:
Name of High School
High School Address:
What type of media production equipment have you worked with?
What software do you have experience with?

Note:  If you are accepted for the Media Team,you will be notified by April 1.  

I have read this entire application and understand the stated opportunities and limitations.  I agree to them and hereby apply for a Boys State Media Team assignment.

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